As far as I know, for English, German, French there are state organizations promoting these languages abroad. Does Russia have anything similar?


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There exists the so-called МАПРЯЛ — Международная Ассоциация Преподавателей Русского Языка и Литературы — this is the closest institution of such kind I can recall.

To be honest, the Russian government is not doing its best in promoting national culture as well as national language. Taking a look at the last 20 years, there is a stable decline of knowing Russian as a foreign language even in ex-USSR countries.

So there is no Russian equivalent that is as influential and global as the British Council or Goethe-Institut.

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    I agree with the evaluation of the effort. Thanks for the link any way.
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Maybe you should take a look at Russian Language Abroad (Русский язык за рубежом) magazine. Russkiy Mir Foundation (Фонд "Русский мир") is a good source, too.


I don't believe there's anything akin to British Council, French Institute or Goethe-Institut for the Russian language.

That said, Russian embassies across the world often organize events for Russian language learners, as do Russian school abroad.

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