Как правильно расставить знаки препинания в этой фразе?

горшок он и в Африке горшок

Что должно стоять после горшок: запятая, тире или точка? Почему?

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Аn em dash would be most appropriate, since we have a thematic nominative, closely connected to the base sentence.

При именительном темы, более тесно связанном с базовым предложением, в котором имеется личное или указательное местоимение в качестве слова-отсылки, употребляется тире: Смерть - она все успокаивает (М. Г.); Читатель - он знает, что важен не человек - важен дух человеческий (М. Г.); Марченко - тот был человек, золотой человек (Каз.); Дорога в дождь - она не сладость, Дорога в дождь - она беда (Евт.).

If a thematic nominative is more closely connected to the base sentence which uses a personal or demonstrative pronoun as a reference word, an em dash is used to connect the sentences.

A thematic nominative, or topical nominative, is a rhetorical construct in Russian (and in English too) which uses a independent clause of a single expression in nominative to define a topic (or theme) of a compound sentence, and another indepenent clause to define the comment (or rheme).

In both English and Russian it's probably best illustrated by demotivators posted all over the Internet:

demotivational image about cats

A comma could be used too, since this expression is quite vernacular and a comma can be used instead of an em dash to imitate flow of speech. However, the expression и в Африке has already become an idiom.

  • Could you provide a translation of the quote you posted? Thanks. :)
    – Alenanno
    Jun 24, 2012 at 20:14
  • "However, the expression и в Африке has already become an idiom." - does it matter? what are you pointing out at by saying this? Jun 24, 2012 at 20:20
  • @bonomo: This construct is a colloquialism which could be styled as such in writing. However, it's not perceived as a colloquialism anymore.
    – Quassnoi
    Jun 24, 2012 at 20:31

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