I want to tell a person the name of a book. It is my thinking that I am to use the Nominative Case when doing this because I am describing the subject of the sentence. In English the sentence would read "The book is called 'A Roadside Picnic".

Am I right in saying this in Russian "Книга называется 'Пикник на обочине'"

Also I've seen in my text books the names of movies and hotels encased like <<Пикник на обочине>> so would saying "Книга называется <<Пикник на обочине>>" be more accurate?

Sorry for the simple question but Google failed me, or I failed Google.

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You are absolutely right, you are to use the Nominative Case when doing that.

As for the quotation marks in Russian, using the English-style both-at-the-top quotation marks ( like this ) is not correct. Russian uses two kinds of quotation marks:

«ёлочки» - French-style - that is the typical and traditional quotation marks used in printed books.

„лапки“ - German-style - that is used in printed books to mark a quotation inside a quotation, and also that is used in handwriting:

«„Цыганы“ мои не продаются вовсе», — сетовал Пушкин.

To type those Russian quotation marks on a computer with Windows, you have to switch the Num Lock on, hold the Alt key, and type a code on the numpad, on the right of the keyboard. Here are the codes:

« Alt+0171

» Alt+0187



Alternatively, you can download and install Ilya Birman's Typography Layout, it is free and has lots of useful symbols which are easy to enter.


You are correct, Nominative Case is used in this situation. And correct Russian quotes are actually «» and „“ (latter is used in handwritten texts or when quotes are nested).

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