I mean,

"В огороде на грядке созрела клубника"


"В огороде на грядке поспела клубника".

What is the difference?

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Поспеть has two different meanings:

  • созреть, стать годным для еды (to become edible) and
  • успеть (to be in time) - this one is a bit outdated nowadays.

The word созреть mean mostly the same: for fruits it means the same as поспеть. It also means to become mature, etc.

In your example both words mean the same.


I believe поспевать is somewhat more colloquial. Созревать is more standard Russian.


There is no difference in this case.

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Usually, the first means "mature", and the second means "ripen"; but in this context they have exactly the same meaning, i.e. "ripen".


Both words are used equally often and have the same meaning. But I think the second one better, because it has no another meaning. Спелый only means "ripe", while you can say Зрелый applying not only to vegetables or fruits, but also to people. Зрелый мужчина means mature (or verile) man

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