For example, the phrase: "Глупец! Ты не ведаешь что творишь!" ("Fool! You don't know what are you doing!". How to say the same in female form?

  • "Глупышка" does not sound serious (like "goosey", "silly");
  • "Глупыня", "Глупица" does not sound grammatical;
  • "Глупая" does sound as high-flown as "глупец" in this context...

Which term should one use?


Как сказать "Глупец! Ты не ведаешь, то творишь" про женщину? "Глупышка", "глупая" - не тот оттенок, "глупица/глупыня" - неправильно. Что лучше использовать?

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Глупыня is not widely used. Google has only 1530 results for this word.

Глупышка is used in a different context, often to comfort and console a person, it is a tender form to say "silly":

  • Глупышка, не плачь! Всё образуется!

Глупая would be the better option here, although it doesn't sound as bookish as глупец.

To make is sound high-flown I would put it like that:

О, неразумная! Ты не ведаешь, что творишь!

  • Глупая is an adjective.
    – Anixx
    Commented Jun 10, 2014 at 14:23

It's definitely глупыха, from which the aforementioned diminutive form глупышка is derived.

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