How to translate

  1. to be aware / conscious of something?
  2. to become aware of something?
  3. to make aware of something?

I thought of сознаться and кому-то сознательный, but I'm uncertain about it.


Your guess is wrong in this case.

If you are aware of something → it is known to you:

  • Мне это известно
  • Я это осознаю (понимаю).

Also "отдавать себе отчёт": "Я отдаю себе отчёт, что найти такую же работу будет непросто" ("I am well aware that...")

If you became aware of something, it became known to you →

  • Мне стало известно
  • Я осознал, понял

"make aware"... if you mean "let someone know something", it is

  • дать знать + Dat.
  • поставить в известность + Acc..
  • and передать"/"рассказать + Dat. are also possible

"сознаться" is actually "to confess".

  • How is it with things you know, but still its not so conscious to you (not sure myself here) e. g. many smokers know that smoking is harmful but still they are not aware of the damage they inflict to themselves an to others (just an example). – user3538 Jul 7 '14 at 18:50
  • "осознавать" some fact works well for that or "отдавать себе отчёт". Also you may just use "понимать" (understand). – Shady_arc Jul 7 '14 at 18:52

One additional option for #1 to be aware of something:

быть в курсе (чего-либо) = to be up-to-date/informed about something.

I often heard "Он в курсе дела" - He is aware of the situation.

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