How to translate lovableness / amiableness into Russian?

I couldn't find anything. The question is not about courteousness (любезность).

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I would translate "lovableness" as "привлекательность", which can be about both physical apperance and personality.

The definition of "привлекательность" is: Способность нравиться, привлекать чьё-либо расположение или приязнь.

The definition of "lovableness" is: Having characteristics that attract love or affection.

I would translate "amiableness" as "приятность в общении" or "приветливость".

The definition of "приветливость" is: От прилагательного "приветливый", проявляющий радушие, благожелательность

The definition of "amiableness" is: (Comes from the adjective "amiable") 1. Friendly and agreeable in disposition; good-natured and likable. 2. Cordial; sociable; congenial.

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    Perhaps also обоятельность
    – Ruslan
    Jul 11, 2014 at 3:52

Dictionary I use knows nothing about both words, so I would translate "lovable" as "привлекательный" and make a noun from it. So it will be "привлекательность" Same with "amiableness" -> "amiable" -> "благожелательный" -> "благожелательность"

Note that you can trace a chain like this for "courteousness" (-> "courteous" -> "любезный" -> "любезность")

It might not work with some words, but in main such method actually works.

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