I did a proficiency test recently and I wanted to clarify why I got some answers wrong. In the following examples:

"Летом мы ездим на дачу каждые выходные." -- It's "ездим" / ездить because it's done usually ?

"Завтра мы поедем в Академгородок на маршрутке №15. -- It's "поедем" because it's specific ?

"Та женщина, которой ты дал 100 рублей, где она сейчас? -- It's "которой" because it answers the question "кому" but the female form? (I had answered "которому.")

"Мне не поднять этот пакет. Помогите, пожалуйста." Why is this "поднять" and not "поднимать" ?

"Ребенок заплакал, так как испугался." It could also be "испугавшись" because it's past perfect?

"Приглашения удалось получить тем, кто подал заявки заранее." It's "тем" because it answers the question "кому" ?


  • ‘Yes’ to all of your yes/no questions, with one little remark: a subordinate clause кото́рой ты́ да́л сто́ рубле́й answers the question ‘како́й [же́нщине]?’ or ‘кото́рой [же́нщине]?’, not ‘кому́?’.

  • Подня́ть (i. e. perfective aspect) rather поднима́ть (imperfective) is because he can not carry out an action – lifting a bag.

    (Although that is not the thing, you have to know at your level of Russian, Мне́ не поднима́ть э́тот паке́т is a pretentious way to say “I’m not going to lift the bag”. I doubt that anyone would ever say this very sentence, but something like мне́ с ни́м не жи́ть “I’m not going to live with him” is somewhat common colloquial expression, which implies “I don’t care of his merits / demerits”.)

  • It could be Ребёнок запла́кал, испуга́вшись, but in this case there would not be a semantic stress on cause. So it would not fit well as an answer to a ‘Why?’ question “Почему́ запла́кал ребёнок?”.

  • so, so helpful, mucho appreciado. Aug 8 '14 at 18:34
  • @новичок Нема за що. Even though, as your are new to StackExchange, I would remind you that it’s highly desirable to mark the question solved if it have been solved. Aug 9 '14 at 11:32
  • Dmitry thank you I was not aware, I think I marked it as such now, thank you! zapomniu! Aug 11 '14 at 2:08

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