Small question in music domain: if, for example, you have been hearing a wonderfull concert from a russian master player, can you tell him "молодец" or is it too familiar? Or, in this context, is it okay?

EDIT: INFO: I finally asked a russian friend. She said it was informal, and used for someone well-known, or if not for someone hierarchically inferior... So "молодец" is obviously not a neutral expression! Thanks a lot to all for your help!


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I'd say it is not the best choice. "Молодец" has a slightly patronizing tone: it is OK to use it to your children and friends, maybe colleagues and subordinates.

However, if an adult person is not your friend/colleague and/or especially if you are in no position to judge their work (if you hear a concert from a virtuoso, chance is the guy is a much better critic of their own work)... then "Вы молодец" may express your affection but even with polite "Вы" it will still sound slightly out of place.


"Молодец" will be okay almost in every situation, and here too. It is one of the most universal words. For musicians you can also use "виртуоз".