Is the word Бывай! still used in contemporary Russian as a way of saying 'goodbye'?

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    According to Russian Corpus, the usage in literature is constantly decreasing from maximum in 1963 to almost zero nowadays (see here)
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Yes, this word is in use. But it is rather informal form of "goodbye", for example between good friends


It's one of those semi-obsolete expressions whose usage is either facetious or a personal mannerism.


Also you can use давай. This word means handshake.

Давай, увидимся! = Goodbye, see you.

Бывай, до встречи! = same as above


Though it has a slightly retro style I guess, it can be used still in inofficial speech like among good friends and such. Derives from wishing good health when saying goodbye ( i.e. бывай здоров)

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