Using the same structure in the Chinese Resources question, this is a specifically created Community Wiki which gathers resources for learning Russian and it has been approved by the Community itself.

It should be clear that the resources are not written by one user or only by the mods, but by whoever wants to contribute.

Just write in the appropriate answer/section. If you have concerns, questions, ask a question in our Meta, so we don't clutter the comments, but you can link your meta question from the comments.

Questions regarding such resources are not allowed anymore, and they will closed as a duplicate of this question, except for very specific and on topic requests (ask on Meta if you're unsure about your question). Follow the instructions made in the question about how to post, what can be posted, etc.


  • Answers have a type of resource each.
  • If possible, state whether the material is directed towards a beginner, intermediate or an advanced audience.
  • Do not include links that lead to illegal content or sites that host such content. If you see any, please flag for moderator attention and choose "other" so you can point us to the content. We'll delete it as soon as we see the flag.
  • Both free and commercial resources are allowed, but make sure to include a note if they are. Remember the rules about self-promotion. Include also if registration is required.
  • Include links to the sites only, don't post images, they would take too much space.
  • Add the resources in alphabetical order so they're easier to find. :)

Note: new rules could be added in the future.

Alphabetical Index

  • Add-ons (browser): These are plugins that you install on your browser and that help you in different ways, such as providing word meanings, etc.
  • Audiobooks: Audio files where you hear a voice reading the book you've chosen.
  • Books: Books from Russian authors or translations.
  • Dictionaries: Stand-alone or dictionary files for you to use on your computer.
  • Newspapers: Famous or not services that provide news for Russia and the rest of the world... in Russian.
  • Online courses: Free or paid services online that teach you the language through lessons.
  • Podcasts: Audio files that feature people speaking about the language or giving tips/lessons to learners.
  • Television: TV channels, shows in Russian.
  • Textbooks: Grammar books that teach you the grammar of the language with theory and exercises.
  • Websites: Sites that give help for learning Russian. They give material, tips, hints, and various help for self-learners or regular students.
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  • Duolingo is really good as well. It's Babel but free and less content. Amazing UX imo. – kemicofa ghost Mar 2 '16 at 15:52

Online courses

  • Babbel - beautiful resource for language learning. They've just added new Russian courses.
  • Busuu — online language learning site. Basic profile is free.
  • Duolingo - free language courses delivered via web-based and mobile applications.
  • Edufire/languages/Russian — a site where you can try and find a teacher of Russian with whom you later connect via edufire web-site or Skype. (For-pay.)
  • Memrise — a spaced repetition learning website. It has several Russian courses. It is mainly just memorizing vocabulary.
  • RussianForFree.com — free lessons from basic level to advanced, texts with audio, grammar, activities, and much more. No Sign-up required either.
  • Russian LinguaLift — online Russian textbook, spaced repetition tools and educational games. (For-pay.)
  • Russian World — video lectures of 2 years of Russian language courses from Dallas ISD.
  • Easy Russian - regularly updated YouTube channel. Conversational Russian with Russian and English subtitles.

  • Fluent in Russian - free audio lessons in the form of questions and answers for developing speaking and listening skills, as well as grammar and vocabulary.

  • Russian For Everyone - Russian language self study guide for beginners.
  • ReadyRussian.org - 16-week course for classroom use, includes exercises, quizzes
  • Somehow Fluent in Russian is no longer up. – OmarL Aug 29 '19 at 11:43


  • ABBYY Lingvo.ru, multilingual dictionary.
  • Academic, an extensive collection of Russian dictionaries
  • Gramota, grammar reference and more
  • lurkmore.to, russian lurkmore: an on-line encyclopedia of interesting facts, focused on memes (stable ideas and expressions) of runet.
  • Multitran, great translations for English-Russian, German-Russian, and includes grammatical tables, but doesn't mark stress
  • ru.wiktionary, online dictionary and grammatical tables
  • Пиздец! - Russian-English slang dictionary | Словарь русского мата и неформального языка
  • Open Russian - English-Russian and German-Russian dictionary with examples, declension and stressmarks.

Articles about writing texts in Russian

Collection of articles by art-director A. Lebedev, editor M. Ilyahov and other respectable people in web-development.

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  • LiveTV, online streaming of sporting events

  • 1tv.ru News in Russian, the newsreaders speak very good Russian.



  • Russian for Mathematicians, Edited by Doctor of Sciences A. Petukhov, Publishing House of Moscow Center, for Continous Mathematical Education, MOSCOW, 2004


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  • ruspeach.com - vocalized works of great Russian classics and modern authors. Ruspeach website is translated in 9 languages and it is developing and improving everyday.


  • PodFM, Podcast directory for Russian language podcasts
  • Russian Podcast, Simple audio for those who know basic grammar and want to improve their Russian
  • Taste of Russian Resource for upper-intermediate or advanced learners of Russian. Downloadable Russian mp3 podcast feed with scripts submitted. As far as basic practical use is concerned, registration is not required.


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