Are there any Russian adjectives, whether they end in -ый, -ий, or -ой, whose final consonant is ф? (I.e. -фый, -фий, -фой)


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I would probably go with "жирафий". Not so sure about the ones ending with "-фый" or "-фой".


No there are not, the set of word ending by (or with ф+vowel) is actually small and constitutes only from foreign words - originally there was no f sound in Slavic languages at all. As a rule mostly all of them end with -овый, like in "шельфовый", "трефовый", "кайфовый", "графовый" (for mathematical concept), "блефовый", "лафовый" (from "лафа") etc.

As or "жираф" that already've been mentioned (I've upvoted that answer) there are two adjectives derived, "жирафовый" and, indeed "жирафий", however from my (understandably very limited) experience of hearing this word is quite often pronounced as "жирафьий" - it's influenced by the the rest of the grammatical cases where occurs.

Actually the reason for this is that that while the -овый morpheme is productive in Russian, the "-oй" (without the "oв" part)so I hardly believe that words ending with ф are something special here.


-фой — no.

-фий — theoretically, a possessive one such as графий ("the count’s").

-фый — theoretically again, and definitely crossing into occasionalisms, something of the [adjective]-[noun]ed type (as in "dark-haired") where the noun would end in -ф or -фа. I can't think of anything less whimsical and unlikely than многошкафая комната ("many-closeted room") or длиннострофые стихи ("long-stanzaed verse").

UPDATE: Before anyone else flames me about многошкафая комната, a recap:

  • We shouldn't even be discussing the merits of the word. It's correctly formed; it could exist; that answers the question.

  • But if we're discussing it anyway: многошкафая комната is a witticism; многошкафная комната is a solecism. There exists a combination of meaning and intended effect (facetious, perhaps referencing the Futurists) for which многошкафая would be the best fit. Good luck finding a use for многошкафная or многошкафовая that doesn't end up being just a really awkward way to say комната со множеством шкафов or комната, где много шкафов.

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