How would one translate smartphone-specific words like:

  • Back-Button
  • Home-Button
  • App-Menu
  • App-Update

In a way that they are correctly understood in a smartphone-app context?

i.e. "The Back-Button has been deactivated. Please use the Home-Button to leave the App."


Traditionally, such buttons have the following names in Russian:

  • Назад
  • Домой
  • Главное меню
  • Обновить приложение

So, your example would be translated as follows: Кнопка "Назад" не активна. Используйте кнопку "Домой", чтобы выйти из приложения. It might be questionable, but I suppose "please" isn't obligatory in Russian when it comes to regular messages shown by an application.

  • Back-Button - Кнопка "Назад" (or just "Назад")
  • Home-Button - Кнопка "Домой"
  • App-Menu - Меню приложений
  • App-Update - Обновление (or Обновление приложения)
  • Thanks, but doesn't "Вперёд" mean something like "forward" or "next"?
    – plocks
    Apr 21 '15 at 11:58
  • 2
    @DevanLoper - Yes, it's not "Вперед" it should be "Домой".
    – Artemix
    Apr 21 '15 at 12:31

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