Mistaken (adj) = ошибочный

Can someone PLEASE explain how the endings in the following came about? They don't seem to be following the normal rules for adjectives and conjugation that I've studied.

I am mistaken = я ошибаюсь;
I was mistaken = я ошибался;
He is mistaken = он ошибается;
He was mistaken = он ошибся;
She is mistaken = она ошибается;
She was mistaken = она ошиблась;
You are mistaken = вы ошиблись;
You were mistaken = Вы ошиблись;
They are mistaken = они ошибаются;
They were mistaken = они ошиблись;
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    "you are mistaken = вы ошиблись;" - no, it is "вы ошибаетесь".
    – Artemix
    May 19, 2015 at 7:39
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    Those are not endings of an adjective in your table. Do you know reflexive verbs?
    – KCd
    May 19, 2015 at 7:54
  • You use two different verbs: "ошибаться" and "ошибиться"
    – user5526
    May 25, 2015 at 5:59

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It's from verb ошибаться. Adjective ошибочный is used to describe something, not someone. For example

Он ошибается - He is mistaken

Ошибочное мнение - Mistaken opinion

But be aware that you can translate 'mistaken' as неправильно понятый (misunderstood).


Where the endings had come from?

Some blurring arise because you are blending two verbs (blending endings) that being structurally parallel in its aspect pair ошибаться и ошибиться.

Open in parallel ошибаться|ошибиться and take a look at its tables. 90% of native speakers are at all certain that the two verbs is blending into the one. So, at 90% you have a right ))

and incidentally,

Я ушибла лоб.                       I have hurt my forehead. (I said: she)
Она ушиблась прямо о [...] .        She bumped straight into a [...].
Набила шишку на голове.             Get a bump on her head. (and paint the bump with iodine)
Оставив на ee голове хорошенькую шишку.       Giving her head a nasty bump.
Она сделала много ошибок.           She has made many errors.
Да, я ошиблась.                     Yes, I am mistaken. / I am wrong. (I said: she)
Да, я набила шишек в этой теме (ошиблась).  — an idiom
Нет, это ошибочное мнение.          No, It is a mistaken opinion. 

Idiom, usage with a context: набить шишек = have made errors

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