I am confused; don't both of these words mean "more"? What is the literal meaning and context of each? Sample sentences would be helpful! спасибо!


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I'd say ещё implies a continuing process, like putting food on a dish or enumerating objects, in positive sentences, while больше is used in negative sentences and when discussing sizes.

Ещё мне добавь - Give me more (money, food)

Больше не надо - Don't need more (goes with anything)

А ещё больше есть? - Do you have an even bigger one (shirt, car)?


Can you provide context of usage of word "more"?

Больше can has meaning "Bigger", but "Ещё" can`t Ex: Красная чашка больше зеленой.

I suppose it`s better to use "ещё" as translation for word "more", but it can be context-dependent.

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