How is the word "совершившимся" derived? The sentence is:

Меня поставили перед совершившимся фактом

I take it the root verb is совершить.

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Let's make the morphological analysis of the word:


  • со- is a prefix
  • -верш- is the root.

The two above define the semantics of the word, meaning "to complete". This is Russian form of the prefix, though, as @shabunc noted, CS form с- (свершившимся) is more widely used in this context.

  • -и- is a suffix defining perfective aspect
  • -вш- is a suffix defining active participle
  • -им- is a flective postfix (окончание) defining single number and instrumental case
  • -ся is a particle (merged with the word) defining reflexivity.

Hence, we have a past perfective reflexive active participle in sg. inst. (действительное возвратное причастие совершенного вида прошедшего времени в творительном падеже единственного числа)


Actually the phrase is slightly outdated, the correct modern form is

меня поставили перед свершившимся фактом.

from свершиться - to happen (about something that have been expected to happen).

Though совершившимся is technically possible, it is used nowadays very rarely.

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