I'm a beginner and have a question regarding bus stop and tram stop.

I want to say: "I'm going to the bus stop/tram stop." And I would like to use остановке.

I know that остановка is feminine and I have to form авто́бусный to feminine. So far so good for me.

1) Я иду на авто́бусная остановка.

But how do I do this with "tram stop"? It is masculine трамва́й and therefor I can not use it with остановка or can I?

2) Я иду на трамва́й остановка.

I'm thanking you in advance for your help!

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    Adjective must always match the gender of the corresponding noun ("остановка"). Also you have to use the correct case (accusative).
    – Matt
    Commented Jul 23, 2015 at 11:17

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Apart from putting the adjective into the feminine gender to adjust it to the feminine noun остановка, you also have to put the resulting word combination into the Accusative case, because the preposition на needs the following noun phrase to be in the Accusative case, if it is about the direction to the place. That is why the correct way to say it is:

1) Я иду на авто́бусную остановку.

As for the tram stop, the corresponding adjective is formed the same way as with the bus:

авто́бус → авто́бусная

трамва́й → трамва́йная

And naturally, be it a bus or tram stop, the Accusative case is needed after на:

2) Я иду на трамва́йную остановку.


If you really want to use the form остановке you need to use preposition к and use Dative case:

Я иду к остановке

In this case автобусная остановка becomes к автобусной остановке, and трамвайная остановка becomes к трамвайной остановке:

  1. Я иду к автобусной остановке
  2. Я иду к трамвайной остановке

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