In a Memrise course В чем проблема? is translated as "what's the problem?"

Could you explain which case В чем in in? Проблема looks like Genetive.


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The best way to look at this pattern is literally (albeit not too idiomatic) "Wherein lies the problem?"

in what (is) (the) problem?

Other examples:

В чём ра́зница? - what's the difference? Lit: In what does the difference lie?

В чём де́ло? - What's the matter?

В чём беда́? - What's the harm?

В чём я был непра́в? - What was I wrong about?


В чём проблема? -> В чём есть проблема? -> In what the problem is? That is Nominative case.

"В чём" marks the Prepositional case yet the object is missing here because it's a question. Consider "В чём проблема?" (What's the problem?) - "Проблема в тебе" (You're the problem).

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