I have been hearing often the phrase "после сытного обеда по закону архимеда полагается поспать". I take that it is quite a familiar saying to most Russians. I wanted to find out more about this saying - where it is written by Archimedes, and why/how this saying became popular in Russia (if that is known). If anyone knows or can find, I would appreciate it. Google searches in Russian turn up blogs about food.

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Это шутка. Архимед об обеде ничего не писал, такого "закона Архимеда" не существует.:) Просто имя Архимед хорошо рифмуется со словом "обед". Это старый стишок, который довольно популярен в среде тинэйджеров.

It is a joke. Archimedes about a lunch wrote nothing, such "Archimedes's law" doesn't exist. :) Simply the name Archimedes in Russian is well rhymed with the word "lunch". It is an old rhyme which is quite popular among teenagers.

Есть ещё один похожий стишок: "После сытного обеда, по закону Архимеда, чтобы жиром не заплыть, полагается курить".


That's just a childish rhyme. Yet another variant "После сытного обеда вытри руки об соседа" doesn't mention Archimedes at all. Both are quite old and it seems that no one remembers when they first appear.

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