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Any long form literature websites in Russian? [duplicate]

I'm a big fan of websites like in English, which post longer-length articles (mostly non-fiction) from newspapers, magazines, etc. Can anyone recommend a similar resource in Russian? ...
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Is there book series for russian learners? [duplicate]

There is book series for example for English learners and these books are contains different level books from beginner to upper intermediate. So is there pdf books in Russian like these ?
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How can I begin to learn the Russian language? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Resources for learning Russian I am interested in learning the Russian language. Where I live, there isn't any institution that teaches the Russian language (that's a big ...
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Popular textbook for learning Russian? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Resources for learning Russian I am anxious to learn Russian. I am curious if is there is a popular textbook for student who are learning introduction to Russian ? What is the ...
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Training books or sites [duplicate]

I'm new to Russian and started learning it about 2 or 3 months ago. Till now I've been using Duolingo to learn Russian, and as you may all know, Duolingo is not the site for 'Grammar' and I had to ...
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How can I improve my listening comprehension?

My partner's family all speak Russian, which is not my native language. I used to be in classes which helped me have regular practice at listening, but now that they are done, I'm finding myself in ...
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Homographs that differ only with respect to a stress

A friend of mine is working on a software that places stress in Russian words. In the process, he got himself wondering about words that differ only with respect to stress, like “за́мок” and “замо́к”. ...
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Does “official Russian” language exist?

In the Soviet time, the speech of news-readers on radio and TV was considered a standard of the proper Russian language. The spelling in the newpapers was the standard of written language. To support ...
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Russian rhymes dictionary/materials

I would like to ask if there exists any online or downloadable descent dictionary of rhymes. I would prefer it to be structured and readable, so that I could eventually parse it. It is very important ...
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Need help with the meaning of a word: "убийства" [closed]

I started studying russian this year, I am able to read russian already but still have next to no vocabulary. Either way, the other day I was playing Borderlands 2, and when I zoomed in with a sniper,...
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Teach Russian as non professional teacher [closed]

I want to teach some small group Russian language (they know only "kartoshka", "babushka", "Natasha" etc.) Thus, my question is not related to "how to learn" Russian, but "how to teach" - I suppose ...
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Unbiased Source of Content in Russian [closed]

I've been studying Russian for the last few years and I think I could now be searching for native content (probably news and/or books) in order to enhance my vocabulary. It has not been very easy for ...
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Аналог словаря Макмилана для изучающих русский язык

Для изучающих английский язык существует отличный ресурс -- словарь Макмилана. В нем приводится куча разной лексики с поясниями, примерами употребления и т.д. Кто-нибудь знает хороший аналог, но для ...
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Can't understand the Genitive Case in Russian [closed]

I can`t exactly wrap my head about the “-ого” ending in a word for example “русского”. When do we add it? And how is it used?
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