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Беглый гласный звук - звук, выпадающий при склонении и изменении формы слова

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Как объяснить, почему "светел", однако при этом "смугл"?

Мы знаем, что это краткие формы имён прилагательных мужского рода. В обоих случаях основа полной формы оканчивается на две согласные: светлый и смуглый. Ну а как, например, объяснить иностранцу, ...
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"Ветер" in genitive - why "ветра", not "ветера"?

I am wondering why the genitive case for ветер is ветра instead of "ветера". Is there any rule behind this instance? Thank you.
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Russian Cases, Grammar & огонём vs огнём

Don't play with fire, it is dangerous! Не играть с огонём, это опаснаый! (This was what I translated.) Не играй с огнём, это опасно! (This was from a native speaker.) Questions : How did играть (...
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Declension of 'ле́в'?

So the plural form of this is 'львы́'? Wikipedia does not indicate that this is irregular. Are there other nouns that follow this pattern, or some sort of rule to help me remember this?
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Why does рот become рту, in the Dative Case?

What is the reason for this change? I had been under the impression that the rules from this ( page apply to the changing of the noun ending.
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Is "сноск" a correct inflection of "сноска"?

In a journal article I came across a claim that "сноск" is the "genitive plural zero ending" form of the word "сноска" (English: footnote). However, a Russian speaker I know is insistent that this is ...
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Suffix mutation on стрелок to стрелка

Here is the example where I found this word: Адвокаты назвали стрелка из Колорадо душевнобольным Shouldn't it say стрелок?
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