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Questions about individual letters of the alphabet

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45 votes
3 answers

Why does italic 'т' look like 'm'

The Cyrillic letter 'т', when italicized, looks like a Latin 'm'. This is illustrated in the image below. The first row is the Cyrillic letter 'т', the second is the Cyrillic letter 'м', and the third ...
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15 votes
3 answers

When is the Russian letter "o" pronounced [a]?

Sometimes, the Russian letter o is pronounced [o], but other times it's pronounced [a]. How do I know when to pronounce it [a]?
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18 votes
3 answers

Why is the letter "г" in some Russian words pronounced [v]?

We all agree that the letter г in Russian is equivalent to g in English. But why is the letter г in some Russian words pronounced [v]? For example: сегодня = pronounced as if it is written: севодня ...
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3 answers

What Russian letter is this?

Is the 4th letter a valid russian character? When I copy the above word it is automatically converted to "сведения".
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27 votes
4 answers

What are these Russian characters that aren't in the alphabet in my learning material?

I have this comic book in Russian that uses characters I don't know from my Russian learning materials. Please see my image. There are: small m и with line on top g mirrored s Which 'standard' ...
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9 answers

Is there a word that starts with "ы"?

I remember from my school years that there is no such thing as a word that starts with 'ы'. Is this true? If so, is there something fundamental that prevents this from happening? If no, can anybody ...
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9 votes
2 answers

How common is angle-shaped Л in modern Russian?

How common is drawing Л the way similar to Greek letter Λ in modern Russian? Does it vary depending on region?
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1 answer

Equivalent letter for H in Russian?

I want to pronounce and write the word 'Hindustan'. What is the Russian equivalent for the English letter 'H'? FYI: I am just taking my first steps in learning Russian.
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