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Questions on Russian dialects and regional-specific usage

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Rare/dialectal alternative instrumental case form -ом

My grandfather, who is a Russian from the Smolensk region has an interesting manner of speaking. One of the peculiarities is his use of the -ом/-ем suffix for masculine nouns and proper nouns in ...
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Which Russian dialect does "орнуть" belong to?

I often play gomokunarabe on an international server, where I sometimes face Russian opponents, and there appeared a very strong mysterious Russian-speaking player about a year ago. Many players want ...
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What is the etymology of "блондиться"?

There is a word which is used in Yaroslavl, "блондиться", here's a quote: Блондиться – значит где-то долго находиться, отсутствовать. Но оказывается, это слово чисто ярославское. Ни в каких ...
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What does всевеликий mean?

I have encountered "всевеликое войско донское", but what exactly does it mean in Russian? Perhaps it is dialectal? Can it be seen in other context?
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"Город, смород" vs. "град, смрад" — is there any rhyme and reason behind all the metatheses of Modern Russian vs. Old Church Slavonic?

I am sure you've come across these word pairings before: город — град смород — смрад скользкий — склизкий ворота — врата ворон — враний ворог — враг холод — хлад (cf. хладнокровный) and so on and so ...
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Is "склизкий" still alive and doing well?

When I was a child in a Russian school, склизкий was sort of the textbook example of a dialectal variation. We always found it very peculiar. Dal gives this: СКОЛЬЗИТЬ, скользнуть, скалзывать; или ...
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Русский язык в Калининградской области (отличия)

Он чем-нибудь отличается от стандартного русского языка?
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