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Questions on Russian dialects and regional-specific usage

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What is the geography of (now obsolete) usage of the word фамилия to mean 'wife'?

While Valentin Kiparsky claimed (in Omagiu lui Iordan) that this usage is a calque from Tatar and therefore found in the Russian varieties spoken in and near Kazan (the area of the Tatar-speaking ...
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Pronunciation of Г in regional accents

Watching a video with Russian speakers, I noticed two people who pronounced "г" as in Ukrainian, i.e. like a hard English "h". They also used аканье. As far as I know, they were ...
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Rare/dialectal alternative instrumental case form -ом

My grandfather, who is a Russian from the Smolensk region, has an interesting manner of speaking. One of the peculiarities is his use of the -ом/-ем suffix for masculine nouns and proper nouns in the ...
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Which Russian dialect does "орнуть" belong to?

I often play gomokunarabe on an international server, where I sometimes face Russian opponents, and there appeared a very strong mysterious Russian-speaking player about a year ago. Many players want ...
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What is the etymology of "блондиться"?

There is a word which is used in Yaroslavl, "блондиться", here's a quote: Блондиться – значит где-то долго находиться, отсутствовать. Но оказывается, это слово чисто ярославское. Ни в каких ...
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Are there certain pronunciations that characterize the speech of speakers from former Soviet republics?

Are there any clear identifiers in speech, i.e. shibboleths, that people from former Soviet republics manifest in their speech? For instance, I've noticed that in certain former republics, they ...
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What does всевеликий mean?

I have encountered "всевеликое войско донское", but what exactly does it mean in Russian? Perhaps it is dialectal? Can it be seen in other context?
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"Город, смород" vs. "град, смрад" — is there any rhyme and reason behind all the metatheses of Modern Russian vs. Old Church Slavonic?

I am sure you've come across these word pairings before: город — град смород — смрад скользкий — склизкий ворота — врата ворон — враний ворог — враг холод — хлад (cf. хладнокровный) and so on and so ...
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Is "склизкий" still alive and doing well?

When I was a child in a Russian school, склизкий was sort of the textbook example of a dialectal variation. We always found it very peculiar. Dal gives this: СКОЛЬЗИТЬ, скользнуть, скалзывать; или ...
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Русский язык в Калининградской области (отличия)

Он чем-нибудь отличается от стандартного русского языка?
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