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What does "-с" suffix mean?

When reading Dostoyevski's books I often find characters that use a manner of speech that adds "-с" and the end of the words. What does it mean? Is it used to convey some emotion or is it ...
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What kind of Russian orthography is this?

This is a screenshot from Tchaikovsky's Harmony textbook: (from page 5 of an 1897 edition — link to PDF) And here is a transcription: Ученіе объ интерваллахъ. Хотя предполагается, что приступающій ...
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Difference in pronunciation of е and ѣ in old Russian

I often encounter claims that these letters formerly were pronounced differently. Can anybody please point me to a sound record that shows the difference?
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Впервые or впервыя (in old orthography)?

In pre-1918 Russian orhography, female and neuter adjectives in pl. nom. had endings -iя, -ыя: новыя вещи, голубыя озёра, but новые наряды, голубые киты. Pluralia tantum require some etymologic ...
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