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Дружба by Pushkin

I have a multiple question on the following verses: Дружба Что дружба? Лeгкий пыл похмелья, Обиды вольный разговор, Обмен тщеславия, безделья Иль покровительства позор. А. С. Пушкин Is this ...
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How do I interpret the phrase «стал было во главе обороны»?

How do I interpret the sentence "Князь Долгорукий стал было во главе обороны" from the novel Белая Гвардия by Bulgakov (about the revolution period in Kiev)? "Когда гетмана спрашивали: ...
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Do these surnames imply anything?

I'm reading Kharms (again). And a friend of mine warned me that some of the names Kharms uses may actually have some meaning that are lost in translation (like in the example of Mr. Joker, Ms. Cow, Mr....
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about Pushkin's Дружба : how to read it

I was very pleased to discover Pushkin's Дружба on Russian StackExchange : Что дружба? Лeгкий пыл похмелья, What is friendship? A slight fire of the carousal, Обиды вольный разговор, The ...
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