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Need help with Russian interjections, figures of speech

I'm trying to find Russian equivalents for the following interjections/expressions: "Don't!" (when we very much don't want someone to do something) "No!" (to express dismay) "...
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Pronunciation of interjection "ого"

I've always thought it should be pronounced with the standard Russian voiced velar stop Г [g]. But lately i've been hearing recordings where it's pronounced as voiced glottal fricative [ɦ] like the ...
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What is the function of "Ну и" at the start of conversation?

Ну и денек выдался в минувшую субботу! I assume these two words are not to be interpreted literally as "Well and". When do you use "Ну и" like this at the start of conversation?
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Is "мде"/"мдя" a gender-specific word?

It seems that in Internet discussions only women use this interjection. Is it gender-specific? It seems that the word "секес"/"секас" is also gender-specific. What are other gender-specific words ...
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Meaning of "так так так!"

I've often heard the interjection "так, так, так!". What does it mean? Can somebody illustrate with examples?
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