Questions tagged [не-plus-adverb]

Questions related to rules of spelling adverbs with "не" as either a particle or a prefix, i.e. separately or jointly respectively.

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Не( )много и не( )мало

Примерный диалог: - Как дела? Много работы? - Не( )много и не( )мало. Как правильно пишутся наречия в этом случае?
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How should I understand the phrase "это не суть важно"?

I saw the phrase "это не суть важно" in the Internet and then found that this phrase is often used in modern Russian. I initially supposed that "суть" is an adverb synonymous to "очень", so I ...
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"не обязательно" versus "необязательно"

In what cases should I say "не обязательно" and in what case should I say "необязательно"? Is it correct here?: "Не стоит подменять понятие "защищать отечество" понятием "защищать интересы ...
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