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Questions about endings. Endings are morphemes that are added after suffixes and that mark grammatical categories of the word, such as number and case for nouns ("машин-а" -- "машин-ы" -- "машин-ой") or tense, number, person or gender for verbs ("хож-у" -- "ход-ишь" -- "ход-им" -- "ходил-а" -- "ходил-и").

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What are some examples of nouns that end in -у in prepositional case

I know one already: in the garden - в саду
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How to decline adjectives modifying feminine nouns after 2, 3, 4?

In the nominative case, if we are counting something of size 2, 3, or 4 then the object being counted is in the genitive singular case, e.g., три треугольника. If we have an adjective involved, then ...
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Миш, Кать, Ань, пап, мам — what is it in an address?

When I am addressing someone and say: Кать, приходи в гости в воскресенье is Кать just a spoken reduction of Катя, or is it a separate grammatical form?
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Чаю vs. чая: what ending is correct?

Is чаю or чая more correct in the sentences Я бы не отказался от чашки ча* and Можно мне ещё ча*? and what's the grammatical explanation?
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How should I inflect animate nouns when they are used to figuratively call inanimate objects, and vice versa?

In Russian, animate and inanimate nouns inflect differently. Let's compare "кабан" and "стакан": Я вижу кабанов. Я стреляю в кабана. Я вижу стаканы. Я стреляю в стакан. It is all ...
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Why does дом become дома instead of домы?

I don't understand why the plural version of дом is дома instead of домы. I had thought that the common rule was to add -и / -ы at the end of masculine words in the nominative form.
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9 votes
4 answers

Is there a way to determine what nouns take the ending "-у" in the locative case?

While researching this question, I encountered something called местный падеж according to the wikipages for пол and берег. A teacher once told me that there are certain words that take the ending -у ...
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Was -ю ending in instrumental mandatory in Pushkin's times?

Was -ю ending in instrumental mandatory or overwhelming in Pushkin's times?
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