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Questions tagged [ономастика]

Онома́стика — наука, изучающая имена собственные всех типов и их происхождение.

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1 answer

On the etymology of Чубайс

I'm curious about the origin of Anatoly Borisovich's family name. Is it derived from Чуб? Or, perhaps, do Чубайс and Чуб have a common origin? Is anything at all known about it?
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Were Russian surnames in the 19th century just nicknames or actual person’s name?

Let’s say a person born in the 19th century had the name “Mikhail Shatunov”. Is the surname “Shatunov” a nickname or does it mean that an actual person named “Shatun” was his (grand)father? If it were ...
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3 votes
2 answers

What is the meaning of Shatun when applied to Russian family names?

I understand that the Russian word shatun was applied in Siberia to describe a grizzly bear that didn’t go into its usual hibernation, or was awakened before spring, and prowls around in winter, ...
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Does the family name Чаплин have a meaning?

Recently, I learned that the family name of Charles Chaplin may have Russian roots. A search on Wiktionary proved the name to indeed be of Russian origin, although the English pronunciation of the ...
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15 votes
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What is the meaning of my last name, Явтушенко?

I'm Argentine with a Ukrainian last name, originally written Явтушенко. My Russian father and grandmother are deceased (and they didn't have a clue as to its meaning — they weren't Ukrainian speakers)....
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11 votes
5 answers

Sergei Rachmaninov or Rachmaninoff [closed]

I am writing a novel in English. My transliteration novel uses -ov for surnames (Danilov, Kirilov). For consistency sake I would like to spell out Sergei Rachmaninov as such, though he is more ...
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6 votes
2 answers

What's Kolmogorov's russian name?

I know that the title is a little weird, sorry about that. The thing is that one day I asked my russian instructor, who's russian, how to pronounce Kolmogorov in russian (because it has too many o's) ...
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16 votes
2 answers

"Илья" во множественном числе и в родительном падеже

Какая у слова "Илья" правильная форма множественного числа родительного падежа? Множественное число от имен собственных вообще редко встречается, но все же возможно, например, в предложении "У меня ...
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What is the meaning of the "Tal" in the Russian/Muldovan last name "Talsky"?

As far as I can tell, "Tal" isn't a Russian word that has any specific meaning. Is there some kind of translation or history of the sound Tal that would shed light on the meaning of this family name?
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4 votes
4 answers

Is Яна a variant of Жанна

Well, everybody knows that there exist pairings between names. For example, Александра - Александр, Виктория - Виктор etc. However, sometimes these pairs can be confusing. It is generally accepted ...
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1 answer

Is Ogulsabyr a male or female name? [closed]

I received an email from someone called Ogulsabyr, and I’m not sure whether to use Mr. or Ms. in my reply. That is, I was wondering whether Ogulsabyr is a male or female name. I’ve tried search ...
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2 answers

Etymology/Origin of "Грузия"

In many languages, the name of the country Georgia is derived from the name of St.George. In Georgian, Georgia is called საქართველო(Sakartvelo), so obviously Грузия has nothing to do with it either. ...
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