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The correct way of spelling a word according to the standard in a given language.

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Is 'ё' a distinct letter, or is it just 'е' with a diaeresis?

Some sources say that there are 32 letters in the alphabet, while others say there are 33. The discrepancy seems to be a result of including/excluding ё. They also mention (whether or not they include ...
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Why is the letter "г" in some Russian words pronounced [v]?

We all agree that the letter г in Russian is equivalent to g in English. But why is the letter г in some Russian words pronounced [v]? For example: сегодня = pronounced as if it is written: севодня ...
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Are there words that can be spelled with both т and ф?

Some words of Greek descent use ф as corresponding to the Greek θ, while some use т. The former I think tend to be loaned earlier. However, in "Brothers Karamazov" I have found Mitya using the word "...
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Слово "Бог": с прописной или со строчной

В классике русской литературы разных изданий встречается написание слова "бог" в сходном контексте как с прописной, так и со строчной буквы. Например, Во главе тамошнего местного ...
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Is there a word that starts with "ы"?

I remember from my school years that there is no such thing as a word that starts with 'ы'. Is this true? If so, is there something fundamental that prevents this from happening? If no, can anybody ...
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What kind of Russian orthography is this?

This is a screenshot from Tchaikovsky's Harmony textbook: (from page 5 of an 1897 edition — link to PDF) And here is a transcription: Ученіе объ интерваллахъ. Хотя предполагается, что приступающій ...
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со днём vs. с днём

I'm aware that о is added to some prepositions for historical reasons in some combinations (со дня, ко мне, во сне, etc.). A student recently asked why we usually say с днём рождения instead of со ...
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"чё?" or "чо?" - which is the correct spelling?

Suppose I want to write a book, where one of the characters is a simpleton without a proper education. This character needs to say "чё?" ("чо?") instead of "что?", e.g.: — Твоя сестра умеет ...
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How to write out the date in russian for a tattoo [duplicate]

How to write April seventeenth two thousand fifteen in Russian, im trying to figure out a interesting way to get a tattoo of the date my grandmother died
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