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What is the order of adjectival premodifiers?

What are the syntactic and semantic constraints on the order of adjectival premodifiers in Russian? In English, linguists and nonspecialist users of language alike generally agree that the order of ...
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What order are the parts of a full Russian name in?

It is my understanding that Russians have a first name, surname, and patronymic. What is the order of a full name: "first name, surname, patronymic" or "first name, patronymic, surname"?
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Moving the subject of the sentence into a dangling participle

When I do homework to be later read by the teachers, I sometimes like to show off by using rare forms that I have learned by deeply studying Russian. It is always fun, especially as the assistant ...
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What do you add to a word to make it cute?

In Spanish you add "-ito/a" as in hermanita, meaning little sister. In English we mostly do this with modifier words like that ("little"). What is the common construct in Russian?
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Order of adverbs and position of subject

I recently read a lot about word order (it makes life so much easier). But I have the following question: It's said that for adverbs the following order is normal— Time, Place, Manner. But, if for ...
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