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Are there truly "empty" perfectivizing prefixes in Russian? (aspectual clusters versus aspectual pairs)

Foreign learners are often taught that Russian verbs always come in aspectual pairs, with the perfective verb formed from the imperfective verb either by changing the stem or adding a prefix. The two ...
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Why are there verbs derived from ходить, but not идти?

Despite the fact that both ходить and ехать are imperfective verbs, the verbs formed by adding prefixes to ходить are imperfective, while those formed by adding prefixes to ехать are perfective. ...
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2 votes
2 answers

Meaning of prefix по- in verbs поехать and пойти

Both this website and my grammar workbook state that the meaning of по- in the verbs пойти and поехать is to indicate the beginning (but not necessarily the completion) of an action. However, I ...
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