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For questions about grammatical gender of Russian nouns or general questions about gendered words in Russian, including appropriate translation equivalents of foreign words from languages that don't have the category of gender.

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Действительно ли по новым правилам слово "кофе" среднего рода?

Многие говорят, что согласно новым правилам "кофе" официально стал(о) считаться существительным среднего рода. Насколько это соответствует действительности? Если это действительно так, то когда было ...
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How do you describe homosexual marriages in Russian?

The words for marriage are clearly gender-linked in Russian. I'm guessing that for two women, you'd say "Она женилась на ней / Она женат." Correspondingly, I'd think that for two men it would be "Он ...
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Genders - Nouns with "ь"

Is there a way to tell which are feminine or masculine if most nouns end with "ь"?
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Words in "common gender"

In addition to the masculine, feminine, and neuter genders, there are words of "common gender" (слова общего рода) that nearly all decline like a feminine noun but are applied to both men and women. ...
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Which form of past tense should be used when the gender of the speaker is unknown?

For instance, you heard a quote from a poem or a proverb, but you don't know who exactly said it. Do you use Кто сказал "я к розам хочу, в тот единственный сад / Где лучшая в мире стоит из оград"? ...
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A children's riddle asks: 'А и Б сидели на трубе. А упало, Б пропало — что осталось на трубе?'

A children's riddle asks А и Б сидели на трубе. А упало, Б пропало - что осталось на трубе? Правописание(Spelling). The answer is И!. But if you search the web you will find an approximately equal ...
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Succinct and gender-neutral Russian word for "writer"

Imagine I want to translate to Russian the word "community of working writers" such that "writers" means both male and female ones. Here are obvious variants: Сообщество работающих литераторов и ...
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Why is the adjective "главное" in neuter gender?

Why is the adjective "главный" in neuter gender in the following sentence? метод and результат are masculine. главное не метод, а результат.
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Why is the Gentive in Question—что нового? итд

что нового? что интересного? I've read a lot about grammar this year, and nothing seems to fit with this usage. Is it an abbreviation of some fuller phrase from the past? Many times if one can ...
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Verb was with masculine noum

Why in the following sentence we use было instead of был, since we're talking about the husband? (Муж in this case). Жена́ не выходи́ла из свои́х ко́мнат, му́жа тре́тий день не бы́ло до́ма. English: ...
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Adjective gender for terms of endearment

When addressing someone with a term of endearment, should the gender of "my" match the word or the person? For example, when addressing a male as "my star", would you say Звездочка моя or Звездочка ...
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Why does the dictionary not have a gender for "часы"

It only says it is a noun and in singular number.
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What gender do place names take if they do not end in letters that mean that a gender is assigned to a noun by default?

I know that nouns that end in certain letters become by default male, but if a noun does not end in any of these letters (e.g., Бостон) what gender does it take by default?
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