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Questions about special language used by a particular group as well as about an informal nonstandard vocabulary composed of invented words, changed words, and exaggerated or humorous figures of speech.

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Have your cake and eat it too - Equivalent Expression in Russian

Wikipedia claims that the expression И рыбку съесть, и в воду не лезть is equivalent to "having your cake and eating it too", literally translated to wanting to eat a fish without first catching it ...
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5 answers

Meaning of чё - что or чего?

This question was born from the discussion in comments under this answer. Чё is a slang/colloquial word, but does it mean что or чего? I believe that it's the equivalent of что, although it can't be ...
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On the meanings of the colors in Russian

It is sometimes the case that one attributes a second meaning to the colors, in poetry or just slang. It might be that this association is language-dependent (perhaps an exception is a connotation of "...
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Как перевести "beat that"?

Как перевести на русский разговорное восклицание "beat that!" Это сокращение от "Can you beat that?" Выражение может быть использовано в процессе игры или неформального ...
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