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Questions about stress and stressed syllables in words and phrases. List of stressed Russian glyphs: А́ а́ О́ о́ Е́ е́ У́ у́ И́ и́ Ы́ ы́ Э́ э́ Ю́ ю́ Я́ я́.

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Homographs that differ only with respect to a stress

A friend of mine is working on a software that places stress in Russian words. In the process, he got himself wondering about words that differ only with respect to stress, like “за́мок” and “замо́к”. ...
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How to pronounce the unstressed е in прише́дшие?

Wikipedia says: ... /e/ has merged with /i/ (or /i/ and /ɨ/ if /ɨ/ is considered a phoneme): for instance, лиса́ (lisá) 'fox' and леса́ 'forests' are both pronounced /lʲiˈsa/, phonetically ...
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21 votes
4 answers

General rules for stressing words the right way

Твóрог or творóг? How do I know which pronunciation is right without looking it up in the dictionary?
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20 votes
6 answers

Automatic stress marking of Russian text

I'd like to be able to take any piece of Russian text and have the stress marks automatically added. I think this would be a useful tool for learners, but I can't find a site that does this. Is ...
14 votes
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Does anyone know of a simpler way to add accents to Cyrillic vowels than what is typically found online?

Not too long ago, I found a web page that gave instructions for adding accent marks to Cyrillic vowels. Unlike many other instructions I have seen, these were beautifully simple in that you typed the ...
12 votes
7 answers

Are there non-stress-related homographs in Russian?

Are there homographs in Russian that sound different besides the stress? E.g. like "read" in English: I will read (ee) that book VS I have just read (e) that book P.S. I hope the answer to this ...
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Pronunciation of "Иванов"

What is the correct way to stress the Russian surname Иванов? I have seen both Ивано́в and Ива́нов.
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How can I type Russian characters with accents in KDE? [closed]

I asked this question in the Unix & Linux community, where I think it is on-topic but nobody who knows noticed (and answered) it, so I am repeating it here, although I fear it may be off-topic, ...
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