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Now covers questions about the usage of the Russian language in other countries.

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4 answers

Communicate to Russians with only Latin alphabet

I play a mobile game that has a number of Russians in my guild. I can type out what they say in Google Translate, but on my phone I only have the Latin A-Z available. I know I could go get a Russian ...
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How do you describe homosexual marriages in Russian?

The words for marriage are clearly gender-linked in Russian. I'm guessing that for two women, you'd say "Она женилась на ней / Она женат." Correspondingly, I'd think that for two men it would be "Он ...
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When do I use "мой" и "моя"

I have been learning Russian for a year now. I took a trip to somewhere where there are many Russian speaking peoples. I realized that I use мойи моя incorrectly. Can someone please help me.
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25 votes
13 answers

Is the Ukrainian language understandable for the average Russian native speaker?

The Ukrainian language is very similar to the Russian, but is it understandable for the average Russian native speaker, let's say, in Moscow? Ukrainians understand Russian, but this is mostly because ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Equivalent letter for H in Russian?

I want to pronounce and write the word 'Hindustan'. What is the Russian equivalent for the English letter 'H'? FYI: I am just taking my first steps in learning Russian.
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2 answers

Правописание местоимения 2 л. мн.ч. в Интернете / Correct spelling of 2nd pl. pronoun on the Internet

Правильно ли написание "Вы" со строчной буквы в Интернете? Является ли подобное написание трендом? Is it correct to spell Вы (you 2nd.p. pl.) with lower case letter on the Internet? Is it a trend?
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What is the function of вот in this sentence?

In this sentence, I realize that there's a contrast being draw between the two outcomes of sucking up to the teacher, but Is this sentence possible without вот; and What does вот bring to the ...
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2 votes
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"for the benefit of", на благо vs для?

I've learned that when using "for", when meaning "benefit from", you would use "для + gen". But I've also just learned "на благо", meaning the same thing. Are they synonyms? How are they different?
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1 vote
3 answers

Masculine singular instrumental -ом, -ем, -ём

I'm a little confused... When does one use each of the three endings in the title for nouns? Thank you
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