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For questions about physics terminology in Russian that are not easily answerable with a dictionary. For example: questions on how to pronounce certain symbols/formulae, or questions on the difference in meaning between closely related terms.

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Do there really exist plural forms for "математика" and "физика"?

The site Викисловарь indicates in the table of different forms of a noun when there is no plural form, such as the page for мясо. I noticed the tables on the pages for математика and физика include ...
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"Скорость", "ускорениe", "рывок" - what's next?

As we all know, acceleration is the derivative of velocity, and if we want to introduce how fast acceleration is changing, thus, introducing a second derivative of velocity — this is actually called ...
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Speed and Velocity in Russian

In physics, we use the English terms speed and velocity differently: Speed is a number (magnitude). Velocity is a vector (magnitude and direction). In English, this is a tradition that spans more ...
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Translation from English to Russian

Can someone from Russian-speaking countries (physicist preferably) check the validity of the following translation from English to Russian language: Theoretical Predictions of Highly Energetic ...
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Confused about a Russian abbreviation for a particular radioactive source

I was looking at this website which lists various radioisotope products. Under "Изотоп Иридий-192" (Iridium Isotope-192), it lists several items such as "ГИИД-1". But I can't for ...
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Настоящий поток газа

Я работаю с многими русскими клиентами. У нас тут в США привычка отличать в сообщениях ACFM (actual cubic feet per minute, фактические кубические футы в минуту) от SCFM (standard cubic feet per ...
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"cutoff" in an integral

Sometimes when physicists compute an integral (EDIT: in quantum field theory), they introduce what is called a "cutoff", which means an infinite bound in the integral is replaced by a finite parameter,...
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материальная точка и точечная частица

What is the difference in usage of материальная точка and точечная частица? Is the first meant to be merely a simplified model (say, in classical mechanics or relativity) while the second is only for ...
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радиус-вектор vs. вектор-строка

Yesterday I came across the term радиус-вектор in physics, which surprised me because the order of the two parts is reversed by comparison with the terms вектор-строка and вектор-столбец in linear ...
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