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Questions regarding established socio-cultural norms of using different words and expressions in speech and writing.

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How to reply to пожалуйста (you're welcome)

If I'm not mistaken, "пожалуйста" means both "please" and "you're welcome" in Russian. But how do I reply if someone says "You're welcome" to me in Russian? I'...
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Do Russian parents call their children by full name to scold them?

In English-speaking countries, when a child is being bad, parents often address her in full name to discipline. Do Russian parents do the same thing? I’m curious to know.
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Перевод they в единственном числе

В свете последних событий в сети StackExchange хотелось бы понять как переводить слово they, употребленное в единственном числе, и словосочетания с ним (they did и т.д.), встречающиеся в гендерно-...
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How formal is the phrase "ни фига себе"?

How formal is the phrase "ни фига себе"? I know it is used to express shock but is it formal at all or something used just among friends?
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At what age are students addressed as вы instead of ты by their teachers?

I know that University professors are nearly always on вы with their students. School-age children are always addressed as ты by adults. So at what stage in the education system does the switch from ...
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When is it more appropriate to use "преподаватель" rather than "учитель"?

As far as I understand, both of these mean more or less the same thing. Duolingo, that introduced me to the Russian language seems to prefer учитель, but Russian Pod 101 prefers преподаватель. Is ...
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How do you ask a guy if he is gay without being offensive?

Is there another way without using the word "гомосексуальный"? Ideally, I would like to say the following... "Are you also interested in men?" <-- Implying that I'm a man and am curious about this ...
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What to reply when someones says “приятного аппетита”

What is the correct response? “Спасибо”?
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When is it appropriate to use «алло»?

Aside from answering your personal phone, are there any other situations where it is considered appropriate to use алло when greeting someone? I'm assuming that because алло wasn't even mentioned in ...
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How to write a request letter in Russian?

I came across a Russian forum that required an invitation code (код приглашения) to be eligible for registration, so I have to write a request email in Russian to the forum admin in order to get the ...
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How to address people in the street?

Suppose you want to ask someone for directions or to attract someone's attention. What is the appropriate way to address this person? Context: ..., подскажите, как выйти на улицу Чехова? or ......
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Addressing taxi/bus driver by "шеф"/"командир" - where does it come from?

While using buses and marshrutkas as a means to reach point B from point A, I often hear drivers being addressed as "шеф" or "командир", as in: Командир, возьми за проезд! or Шеф, до вокзала ...
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Is it considered proper to use вы with older people, even when they address you with ты?

Sometimes I find Russians will use the more familiar form of address, ты, even when I have addressed them with вы. I felt that in the particular circumstances it was unlikely that they meant that we ...
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When is it more appropriate to use здравствуйте rather than привет?

As far as I understand, both of these mean more or less the same thing. Rosetta Stone, that introduced me to the Russian language seems to prefer здравствуйте, but it seems привет is more commonly ...
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