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Vowel reduction and unstressed "е" at the beginning

According to vowel reduction rules, the "е" at the beginning in some words like Европа Елена Екатеринбу́рг should be reduced just like "j+ɪ" (where "ɪ" stands for something very near to "и"). ...
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Why is по pronounced "po" but по русски is pronounced pa-ruski? Or am I saying one of them wrong? [duplicate]

Literally, the very first thing in Russian that I learned was the phrase "я не очень хорошо говорю по русски" so I know that по русски is pronounced pa ruski, but I was adding a pronunciation for the ...
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How to pronounce the unstressed е in прише́дшие?

Wikipedia says: ... /e/ has merged with /i/ (or /i/ and /ɨ/ if /ɨ/ is considered a phoneme): for instance, лиса́ (lisá) 'fox' and леса́ 'forests' are both pronounced /lʲiˈsa/, phonetically ...
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The cases where "о" is pronounced as "a" [duplicate]

I'm working on Russian pronunciation and I have come across a couple of words containing letter о. зовут is pronounced as zavut хорошая is pronounced as xaroshaya There are lots of such words where ...
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Vowel reduction of pretonic [о]

This is a two-part question; I hope that's allowable. I'm aware that an unstressed о is usually reduced, though there are some exceptions -- specifically in borrowed words, such as стерео or радио. ...
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Why do some people pronounce "о" as "a" and some just pronounce "o" as "o"?

It makes no sense to me; when I'm listening to Russians on YouTube, they sometimes pronounce "о" as "a", and sometimes as "o" — why is this? Another thing, if I choose to ...
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Vowel reduction in unstressed я in январь

In standard Russian, the vowel я in the word январь must be reduced to /ɪ/. So, январь sounds [ɪnˈvarʲ]. Today in Forvo there are eight people pronouncing this word, and all of them do it as [...
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Where does the sound "йи" / iotated и / [ji] occur in Russian?

(Note: I would like to learn Russian, but I have not started yet, so unfortunately I will be making this post entirely in English. I don't mind what language you use for answers.) It seems that the ...
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2 answers

Pronunciation of "a"

My understanding is that the general rule regarding the pronunciation of "a" in Russian is that it is pronounced [a] (IPA notation). However, in certain cases, it can be pronounced as "и", for example ...
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3 votes
2 answers

Pronunciation of "объясняет"

What's the right way to pronounce объясняет? My guess would be something like 'обшсняет' (I'm having a hard time with the hard sign). This is word is somewhat similar to "Eichhörnchen" by the way, it'...
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Should the "о" in Russian be pronounced as a short "a"?

Should the "о" in Russian be pronounced as a short "а" (like a short "a" in English)?
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When is the Russian letter "o" pronounced [a]?

Sometimes, the Russian letter o is pronounced [o], but other times it's pronounced [a]. How do I know when to pronounce it [a]?
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Is it bad if I don't bother to pronounce 'o' correctly?

When learning Russian, the most complicated thing for me has always been the pronunciation of the Russian letter 'o'. You know, it's sometimes pronounced like 'a' (as in 'Moskva'), and sometimes ...
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2 answers

Pronunciation rules for "о" in "поня́ть"

Are there any pronunciation rules for the letter "о"? Why is that letter said slightly differently in the masculine and feminine versions of the sentence "I understand": m: я ...
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