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Do Russian use the Cyrillic Thousands Sign (“҂” U+0482)?

In English (at least in North America, don't know about other English area) you see things like 10k as an abbreviation of 10000. I'm wondering if Russian does something similar, particularly ...
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IED as abbreviation and term in Cyrillic/Russian

With a new understanding of Russian, I found this is Half Life 2. I first started wondering why they decided to use Cyrillic to write "IED", and then I began wondering if there was an ...
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What does "дл. тонны" mean?

From Russian Wikipedia on the Fletcher-Class Destroyers, it says, Двигательная установка компоновочно повторяла тип «Гливз» — была высокотемпературной установкой среднего (43 Атм.) давления, которая ...
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Are the word ноябрь or any of its forms ever abbreviated in Russian?

I'm referring more specifically to formal (official) texts — definitely not belles-lettres or informal speech. We know that abbreviations are frequently used in formal texts such as documents, but is ...
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