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Does the comparative form of adjectives need to have declension?

For example, лу́чше seems to be used for all genders (and cases?) When is it necessary to use the fully declined versions (лу́чший, лу́чшего etc.)
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1 answer

Doubts about "бы ни" meaning "No matter what/ how much/ etc."

I know some Russian constructions which translate the English expressions "Whatever... [sth]", "Wherever... [swh]", "No matter how much... [things]". Those constructions ...
3 votes
3 answers

"Он сражался как самурай" - should I put a comma?

Let us consider the following two phrases: (1) Он сражался, как самурай. (He fought like a samurai.) (2) Он сражался, не как самурай. (He fought unlike a samurai.) I am confused as to whether I ...
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From... to... in Russian

I saw an old post on this forum, telling that, in order to convey the idea "from... to...", we must use "из... в..." when the endpoints are towns or countries, whereas "с... на..." is used when the ...
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3 answers

"Позже" vs. "позднее"

For context, whether or not it even matters, I am a professional musician and a native Russian speaker was asking me just now about when my love for music first manifested itself. I replied with a ...
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1 answer

Comparative in subordinate clauses

Someone told me that it is incorrect to say "Я не люблю людей, моложе меня". The correct syntax, she said, is "Я не люблю людей, кто моложе меня". I got to know that, when using a comparative ...