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Can a noun in a sentence be both in the nominative and accusative cases?

One of my teachers once said that a noun in a sentence is always in a certain grammatical case and always has a certain role - the subject or an object. In other words, no noun can be in two different ...
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What is function of "чего" in this sentence?

У них есть энтузиазм и искренняя преданность своему делу, чего в целом так недостаёт всей системе. Can someone explain how is "чего" used here after the comma? what is its function?
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Why is accusative used in this sentence?

In the following sentence: Зачем богатые и уважаемые корпорации продолжают использовать материал, который уже загрязнил окружающую среду до такой степени, что каждый житель планеты употребляет вместе ...
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What is the purpose of "то" in a "Если ..., то" construction?

I used a machine translator (DeepL, specifically) to translate the following sentence: If I have breakfast, I usually have it before noon. It gave me: Если я завтракаю, то обычно я завтракаю до ...
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Passive agentless impersonal construction in Russian

I have a question about passive agentless-impersonal construction in Russian. Consider this following sentence: в результате рейдов по поиску геев около 40 человек пропали и до 20 были убиты To my ...
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Doubts about "бы ни" meaning "No matter what/ how much/ etc."

I know some Russian constructions which translate the English expressions "Whatever... [sth]", "Wherever... [swh]", "No matter how much... [things]". Those constructions ...
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