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Often 2 variants of feminine instrumental...?

maybe my title needs some work... but I use Wiktionary a lot for declensions, etc and I often see two forms for feminine instrumental adjectives, but my textbook only ever uses, typically, the 'first' ...
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Calling a proper noun with "называть"

I came across this exercise (pg 191 in Russian in an Easy Way if that helps) where it talks about the Olympics. One sentence is: Зимние игры называют Белой Олимпиадой. I understand the verb as 'to ...
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Other nouns formed by prepending _само_ to an action

There are a number of nouns formed by prepending само to the action that that thing does that are very common: самолет, самовар. Other similar formations, like самодвижущийся, are uncommon. Are ...
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How to decline North Rhein-Westphalia (Северный Рейн-Вестфалия)

I am not certain how to decline it. Wikipedia has no problem with that, and declines all three words independently: в Северном Рейне-Вестфалии. However, intuitively Рейн-Вестфалия seems to be a ...
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Is there the word макак (masculine) in Russian

I've seen it in the news web-site. It was used interchangeably with word макак-резус. What is also interesting, in the same article they first decline both words like "самец макака-резуса" and then ...
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Gender and forms of "рыба-кит"

What is the gender of the word "рыба-кит"? Should I say "огромная рыба-кит" or "огромный рыба-кит"? Also, how should I change it if it is not in nominative case? suggests that рыба-кит ...
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