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Origins of "большая шишка"

Usuallly this saying seems to mean that somebody has significant (esp. political or state service?) career achievements. The connotation is not quite clear however. What is its original source - ...
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Specific use of the world "молодец" [duplicate]

Small question in music domain: if, for example, you have been hearing a wonderfull concert from a russian master player, can you tell him "молодец" or is it too familiar? Or, in this context, is it ...
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connotation of тоска

Looking for a word for longing, yearning I found желание and стремление. However, these seem somehow too shallow for the given use case. Actually I'd like to use тоска but this word possibly has a ...
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Using "когда-то" to refer to the future

I feel it is safe to say that outside of any context, когда-то defaults to meaning "at some point in the past", at least in the dialect I am speaking. I might even go so far as to say that that's the ...
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