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'all of the' vs 'all the' : using весь

I want to say, Almost all of the weeds are in bloom. which, in English, can also be stated (improperly?) as, Almost all the weeds are in bloom. So far is that correct? I think these two would ...
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How to complete "налей мне" and "отдай мне обратно": "чаёк," "чайка," or "чайку"?

Here is a question in a test: Как корректно закончить следующие предложения? Налей мне ... . (а) чаёк (б) чайка (в) чайку Отдай мне обратно ... . (а) чаёк (б) чайка (в) чайку I am at a loss as ...
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"Много народа" or "много народу"

I have been doing some reading lately, and became aware of the two phrases 'много народа' and 'много народу'. According to Google Ngrams, both are current (although 'много народу' is 2x more frequent)...
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Why use the dative "толку" in "От него гораздо больше толку"?

От него гораздо больше толку, чем от некого короля! I assume this sentence literally means: From him (we get) a lot more use than from a certain king. I wonder why the noun "толк" has to be in ...
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Partitive Genitive

I've read a bit about the partitive genitive in Russian, used in expressions such as "кусок сахару", "чашка чаю". However, the sources I use usually label this declension as facultative, mainly ...
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