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Inflection of particles

Yesterday I asked a question about the meaning of "научись," and it turned out that in the movie in which I heard this, it was not "научись," but "на, учись," where "на" is a particle. Reading about ...
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3 answers

How should I inflect animate nouns when they are used to figuratively call inanimate objects, and vice versa?

In Russian, animate and inanimate nouns inflect differently. Let's compare "кабан" and "стакан": Я вижу кабанов. Я стреляю в кабана. Я вижу стаканы. Я стреляю в стакан. It is all ...
1 vote
2 answers

What should be the proper word ending of the word "посадка"

In a phrase посадку на Луну предшествовали тренироваочные полеты The ending -у of the word "посадка" does not sound right for me. What is the proper ending to use in such case?
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1 answer

Inflection of fraction numerals of per cents with nouns (в 2,4 процента? -ах? случаев)

I'm a bit puzzled as to the correct inflection of the word процент in a phrase such as в 2,4 процент(?) случаев Grammatically in the fractional part of fraction numerals процент must be inflected ...