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What does есть горячим mean?

Here's an excerpt from the discussion on Duolingo French course for Russian speakers : "Я люблю есть горячее." Перевод: J'aime manger chaud. — Вот тоже не поняла почему здесь прилагательное ...
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"Индустрия выдержала удар пандемией" - why instrumental here?

In this sentence: Книжная индустрия выдержала удар пандемией (source) why is пандемия in the instrumental? I understand that the sentence means "The book industry endured (survived) the hit of ...
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Use of the nominative versus the instrumental to convey permanent state [duplicate]

In "A Comprehensive Russian Grammar", Wade states that in the past tense, the nominative case is used to indicate a permanent state, e.g. "По профессии он был ботаник" "By ...
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(A changing?) difference between nominative and instrumental case usage in predicates with быть

I would like to know more about the distinction between the use of the instrumental (творительный) and nominative (именительный) case in the context of a predicate (сказуемое) parts of sentences in ...
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Which cases are used with быть

I believe that the phrases in Russian for 'I was a student' is Я был студентом (instrumental case) and 'I was not a student' is Я не было студента (genitive case) and 'I am a student' is Я студент (...
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Use of instrumental case in a sentence

In the sentence, "русская культура создавалась веками", why is веками in instrumental case, and how would you translate the sentence? Thank you!
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How is "огурец" used here?

Каждый коротышка был ростом с небольшой огурец. I am translating it as every small person was of the size of small cucumber? I am confused about the case, why is cucumber in accusative or ...
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