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How can I figure out if an adjective is hard or soft without seeing its ending?

I can't determine whether the adjective is hard or soft without seeing its ending. I need to be able to tell if the adjective is hard or soft without seeing its ending. What I mean is, how can I tell ...
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Why don't the personal possessive adjectives его (his), её (her), and их (their) decline for the dative case?

Let's use a simple sentence to illustrate this further: [SUBJECT NOUN] gave [PERSONAL POSSESSIVE] [INDIRECT OBJECT] a [DIRECT OBJECT]. If I want to say: He gave my brother a book. He gave your brother ...
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"У тебя" or "твоё" [duplicate]

While translating the sentence:"what is your favorite animal?" from English I would rather say in Russian: Какое твоё любимое животное? but it turned out that the correct translation is Какое ...
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"Я десять лет открещивался от своего"

How should be understood "открещивался от своего" in the following excerpt (from Bulgakov's diary, quoted by Alexey Varlamov): «Ужасное состояние: все больше влюбляюсь в свою жену. Так обидно – 10 ...
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римановое многообразие or риманово многообразие?

In mathematics the technical term Riemann manifold (or Riemannian manifold) denotes a type of space investigated by the nineteenth century German mathematician Bernhard Riemann. The corresponding ...
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