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'all of the' vs 'all the' : using весь

I want to say, Almost all of the weeds are in bloom. which, in English, can also be stated (improperly?) as, Almost all the weeds are in bloom. So far is that correct? I think these two would ...
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"У тебя" or "твоё" [duplicate]

While translating the sentence:"what is your favorite animal?" from English I would rather say in Russian: Какое твоё любимое животное? but it turned out that the correct translation is Какое ...
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clarification on the proper form of a possessive pronoun

Simple question at the end of my textbook (finally)... I'm supposed to provide the proper form for a possessive pronoun in the blank: Где ____ машина! Вы видели ____ машину? Нет, я не видел ____ ...
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Figurative expression "Это в его духе"

Это в его духе. / Это в её духе. / Это в их духе. I assume this is a figurative expression with the meaning of "it sounds like him/her/them". (в = followed by the prepositional case) (его/...
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