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Does anyone know of a simpler way to add accents to Cyrillic vowels than what is typically found online?

Not too long ago, I found a web page that gave instructions for adding accent marks to Cyrillic vowels. Unlike many other instructions I have seen, these were beautifully simple in that you typed the ...
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1 answer

Analog of IT term “костыль” in English [closed]

I am not sure if this is a proper place to post this question, but I was unable to find any better. In software development, we tend to use the Russian word “костыль” (crutch) to denote a solution ...
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5 votes
7 answers

Typing Russian on an English keyboard

I have only a standard English (qwerty) keyboard on my computer. Can anyone recommend a convenient method (free software or something else) by which I can use my keyboard to type the Cyrillic ...
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2 answers

Which of the open source speech synthesizers is the best for Russian Language?

I'm trying to figure which of the speech synthesizers is the best one for Russian. Means pronounces and emphasis. Currently I'm successfully discover two synthesizers: $ echo "Привет Мир!" | espeak -...
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1 answer

Is there an online hyphenation tool?

The question How do I split a word into syllables? and its answers are helpful if one speaks Russian. Unfortunately I do not speak Russian but need to hyphenate 'Churyumov-Gerasimenko' (there must be ...
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3 answers

Geeky stuff - как это по-русски?

Geeky stuff - как бы вы перевели это выражение на русский? Поясняю. Это рубрика для статей о том как использовать то, чем обычно пользуются IT-шники (программисты, сисадмины и т.п. "geeks") для людей ...
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Offline keyboard program for typing Russian and then cut-and-pasting?

Can someone recommend a Windows program runnable offline that allows Russian characters to be typed and then cut-and-pasted into other programs, such as for example a text editor or browser? I would ...
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